Andre Christine Gallery and Sculpture Garden

Andre Christine Gallery’s mission is to connect the widespread citizens of the community to the beautiful environment of the Sculpture and Fine Arts World. Introducing the art, the artist and what inspired their creations is our goal. Fully understanding what they mean to convey is sometimes optional. Our exhibits for original glass, wood, metal, sculpture and traditional fine arts will be ever changing. We will support and encourage new works by emerging artists and continue to collaborate with established artists bringing a sense of vitality to the space. We hope to learn and inspire living through the eyes of a passion. The natural beauty encased by the mind, once let loose, inspires creativity. Our sculpture garden hopes to encourage our guests to relax and feel peace in an enlightened place.


Interest and love for the arts spans over forty years. We have always made a conscious effort to visit and seek out galleries and art museums our entire lives. Years ago my husband and I had the opportunity to live in Spain. The history, cathedrals and museums found their way into our weekly plans. Many of which have left a lasting impression. Admiring the incredible craftsmanship and splendor only inspired us to appreciate more.  After a fulfilling career in the medical field, my background in interior design and furniture plus a hobby in floral design and stained glass creations have worked together to further encourage my creative self. My husband, Dana A, has always indulged in his wood working creations; wooden puzzles, toys, butterflies, and interesting boxes, all hand rubbed and uniquely done. Our son Dana B, has designed and built small furniture and is a craftsman of perfection. With an outstanding eye for detail and quality we are truly able to capture the artistic spirit. We are fortunate to have graduated from our former careers and are now living out our dreams. Come share our surroundings, imagine a life filled with art and sculpture. Find the time to explore and experience how the mind sees and interprets its space. Imagination is endless. We are starting a new chapter. Come along with us.